Who we are:

Kings Hire CC was originally established as a site facilities hiring company under another name in 2001. On 1 March 2010 the name was changed to Kings Hire CC and the managing member of the previous company became the sole member of the new CC.

The main objective of the business stayed the same, namely the hiring out of Site Facilities to mining companies, developers, building contractors, construction companies, government projects, parastatals, festivals and private clients.

What makes us different?

Kings Hire is on the forefront of innovation regarding the development of our hiring items. In 2001 we started off with only one type of chemical toilet, the economical  basic builders toilet. Currently we have the following range of toilets: Sewerage Line Connector, Economy Toilet (basic non flushable chemical toilet for building sites) , Pail Tank Toilet (for those places where a tanker truck cannot reach), Utility Toilet (flushable with hand basin), 3 Station Urinals (with a shade net enclosure), VIP de Lux flushable toilets and state of the art Royal Toilet Trailers. Lose standing hand wash basins were also designed with a mirror, soap dispenser, paper towel holder etc.

These are a few of the innovative developments the last few years.

In the last few years we also started specializing in special events, like music festivals, sport events, cultural festivals, religious events etc.

Our Mission

To be the leader in the delivery and servicing of site facilities and special events, a professional personal care ensures complete customer satisfaction and retention.

Our Vision

To fulfill our mission we are striving to:

  • Improve the professionalism and skills of our personnel
  • Improve client relations through better communication
  • Recruit more long term clients with excellent and strategic methods